The Vignelli Canon


I introduce to you, The Holy Grail.

Massimo Vignelli has published an amazing 96 page book on better understanding typography in graphic design, according to him. The book gives specific details on Vignelli’s methodology and approach as well as how he decides on paper sizes, typefaces and other tangibles. There is also a nice section on grids.

It’s an excellent book that every designer should read. The book is available for free online in PDF format but I do hope they print this one out because it’s a masterpiece in my opinion.        

14 Comments on "The Vignelli Canon"

  • This is fantastic. And to get it free is impressive. I just downloaded and speed-read through it. Every design student should read this before they enter their schools.

  • Antonio says

    I totally agree with you.

  • Josh says

    I met Vignelli last year when he was speaking at Michigan State. Quite possible that I almost hit him with my car as well… We were trying to find the building on campus, found it and was looking to the side a bit, and him and someone who organized it stepped out in the road. It wasn’t like super close, but still scared the crap out of me. Almost hit a legend.

  • MP says

    Wow. This is really good stuff.


  • It’s nice! I love grids…

    Here is another little linktip:

  • Natalie says

    that’s amazing, thank you!

  • Jung says

    i remember that he came to my school.
    even though he had only 1 hour lecture, it was a turning point for me.

  • This is an amazing resource – extremely fantastic work too.
    Thank you, I would love Vignelli. I am very jealous Josh!

    Another inspiring link! Thank you Antonio!

  • Nikolay says

    Great source for upcoming typographers.
    Thanks for sharing Antonio and..Happy New Year (late is better than never, huh?)

  • Just skimmed it though briefly, gonna read it properly tonight. Seems like a gem indeed.

  • Tom says

    Great read! I hope it goes to print, although preferably after someone corrects the spelling errors.

  • Susanna says

    Thank you!!

  • I have read, re-read & referenced this pdf many times. As a younger designer it has given me most a lot of insight towards design process, but what I find more rewarding is how relatable it has been.

    It has really helped strengthen a lot of my core design ideologies.

    I came across this page searching for a version in print. I agree that this really needs to be published!

    • Dillon, you can buy a printed version on Amazon.