Ampersand Issue 1


Ampersand is an online publication by Ramzy Masri, a student at the Kansas City Art Institute, that features work from students spanning all the creative departments of the university. It looks gorgeous and I wish it was a printed publication.

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4 Comments on "Ampersand Issue 1"

  • pat taylor says

    A printed issue is a great idea! remember print?

  • it is actually a newsprint publication with the main audience being members of the kcai community. i believe ramzy is just making a digital version available to widen the readership. and it’s much more interesting to look at large and in your hands than clicking through on a screen.

  • Ramzy says

    It is a printed publication. Photographic documentation will be available on our website, when it launches soon. The issuu site was meant to widen the readership.

    • Antonio says

      Ramzy, thanks for the update! Please let us know when the site launches!