Doane Paper Utility Notebook Giveaway


I’m proud to announce the very first AisleOne giveaway! This site has generated a great following and it’s time for me to give back to you guys so in partnership with Doane Papers we’re giving away 3 packs of 3 Utility Notebooks!

What is Doane Papers and what are Utility Notebooks?
Doane Papers is a company by Chad Doane that makes pads and notebooks featuring his patent pending Grid+Lines stationery design that combines the benefits of grid and ruled lines onto a single sheet of paper. The Utility Notebook makes use of Grid+Lines pattern in a small and portable notebook.

How do I win?
There are 3 easy ways to win:

  • 1. Leave a comment on this post. (Make sure to supply a valid email address when submitting a comment.)
  • 2. Subscribe to the RSS feed (Click the link or you can subscribe below.)
  • 3. Subscribe to daily email updates below.

Do all three and increase your chances of winning.

***On Sunday December 7th I will randomly select 3 winners and will announce them on Monday December 8th.***

I want to thank Chad for supplying the notebooks and good luck to everyone. Please make sure to use a valid email address when adding a comment or subscribing that way I can contact you if you win.

Utility Notebook Features
Constructed by Portland’s Pinball Publishing
Notebook Size – 3.5” x 5.5”
Grid Size – .125” (.3175 cm) x .125” (.3175 cm)
Wide (Legal) Ruled Line Spacing
48 Pages per notebook
100 LB Cover Stock covers
80 LB Text Stock content pages
Rugged 3 staple saddle-stitch binding
Made in the U.S.A.        

156 Comments on "Doane Paper Utility Notebook Giveaway"

  • James says

    Could do without that huge fuckoff advert on the front/back.

    I’ll stick with Mujis unbranded dotted grid notebook.

  • Ryan says

    Yeah! Organization, paper, and stuff!

  • Tom Fishman says

    Grid = Life. I can haz notebook?

  • Josh says

    grids are the best for taking notes. love them for sketching too.

    james, does it really matter what the back of the notebook looks like? It’s the back…

  • Antonio says

    James, what advert on the back? I don’t see one. All I see is some text explaining the idea and the name of the company.

  • Evgeny says

    wow! I want these nano nbooks

    I am already subscribed to RSS. What do I need an email subscription for?

  • Jeff says

    They look very nice to me, like a field notes book.

  • daniel says

    great stuff

  • Paolo says

    Great giveaway!

    (me too, I’m already subscribed to RSS)

  • Tatiana says

    do want! <3
    are international readers allowed?

  • Nice looking notebooks, great giveaway.

  • Antonio says

    You don’t need an email subscription but it will increase your chances of winning since it’s another entry.

    Everyone is eligible to win, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Brandon Meier says

    Oh lala! very nice could always use a good notebook!

  • alex says

    gahhh I must!

  • Mancho says

    I Want One.

  • n says

    Yeah me too !

  • mick says

    I am shamelessly tripling my chance.

  • Ragdoll says

    You can get email addresses from feed subscriptions?

    Anyway, I’m a fan of the site, and these notebooks seem worthwhile.

  • Robert says

    What stock is the cover?

  • Simko says

    Yes, please!

  • Polina says

    Love them!

  • Joey says

    Well I might as well try. 🙂

  • Adam says

    Doane’s the best thing to happen to paper since it was perforated and put on a convenient roll!

  • I sure do like to have one of those! I’m all ready following AisleOne by RSS and been doing since i found it. Thanks.

  • Kathy says

    I never win any thing!! But I’ll still be a reader of A1. (Pls god let me win this once!)

  • Yay for giveaways!

  • iambalbo says

    ! I WANT ONE TOO !

  • mike says

    love the site!

  • seb says

    RASTER! Yes, ich brauch auch eins!

  • V says

    yes, please. perfect for my uni projects.

  • William says

    These look great!

  • yay, free stuff. but seriously, these look awesome.

  • arcd says

    nice contest, and glad to know I’m in with a chance in the Aisle One Tombola 🙂

  • This would be nice…

  • Nicola says

    i’m the lucky guy

  • Nick says

    Glad to see this blog is gaining following. Awesome job!

  • A combination of grids and lines sound like an interesting evolution. I’ve mainly used graph paper to draw wireframes & generally draft things with some form of mathematics, but I usually write on something else.

    I am curious too, how do you track the users who sign up by RSS? I am but I never gave my e-mail address or anything like that.

    I’m a new reader of AisleOne (I started with your previous article, “The Brilliant work of Jean Widmer”) and look forward to reading more of your material. I will contribute to the conversation when I can 🙂

    I’m hoping my comment posts this time!

  • Kim says

    You Rock!!!!!

  • boris says

    neeeeeeed one

  • cool stuff, wouldnt mind one.

  • David says

    Looks good and what a great Idea!

  • I shall design typefaces and ponder the intricacies of negative space.

  • Olli says

    Subscriber already… =)

    Great give-away!

    Greets from Germany!

  • Molly says

    I’ve been following the site for over a year now, Antonio, and it’s always been a great source of inspiration and helped me through school projects. Thanks!

  • Shayne says

    Good job on the site, you are very commited to it and the posts are always inspirational.

  • Dan says

    Very cool, Antonio! I also like the Field Notes grid paper books.

  • michael says

    wow: nothing like a giveaway to generate some comment action! keep on keepin’ on!

  • Aaron says

    Now who doesn’t love the scent of a new notebook.


  • Tuan says

    I hope I’m not too late on this whole fiasco!

  • Garry says

    Yep. I want in on this.

  • Very nice. If I don’t win these I’ll probably be buying them. I’ve been looking for a well-designed notebook for a while now.

  • I would love to have this!

  • Magda says

    I would like to have one of this.

  • jegHegy says

    Subscribed since like a year ago!

    ^ Commented~

  • love the idea !

  • Ollie says

    yes please!

  • Ric says

    These are great (and I love notebooks anyway!)

  • Ben says

    Would be very nice thanks!

  • Valdemar Lamego says

    Yeah! I want one!

  • Hannu says

    Good stuff. Thank you!

  • peter says

    Koolio. Give me one.

  • Ricardo Melo says

    Is this the line for free notebooks?

  • Very tasty!!!

  • Ben says

    I’m in love.

  • Oh wow, they’re great – I’d love one of those, pretty please 😉

  • Katie says

    I’d love to receive one of the notebooks.
    Your site rules. I pass it on to all my design friends. Cheers!

  • Kelvin says

    me, me pick me

  • Ryan says

    The postage for one of those to the UK is insane, almost $40!

  • isma says

    Do you know what could be a great idea?
    Send one of those to spain, we would be able to take notes in the Economical meeting where Sarcozy has let us one of their chairs…
    Please, think about it!

  • yes I could use a few of these! I can only hope!

  • Dino says

    I love grid systems
    I love Helvetica
    I love swiss design

  • isma says

    la vida es una tómbola
    la vida es una tómbola
    de luz y de colo-o-o-or
    de luz y de colo-o-o-or


  • fozbaca says

    they would be very coolio

  • Michael Murray says

    very nice indeed 😀 I want one!

  • Antonio, thanks for adding this to all the great content you serve up daily (more or less)

  • Notebooks? I can’t get enough notebooks!

  • Great contest, thanks guys.

    For the record, I simply cannot have enough grid-based products in my life. Seriously. Case in point, I was honestly wearing this yesterday:

  • Edwin Lim says

    Its great! I can never get enough of grid notebook.

  • Micha? says

    I want one.

  • Jeffrey says

    awesome. I’m also standing in the queue. !

  • reina. says

    i don’t want one.

    i want three. =]

  • thousand-more says

    i want one, too)

  • Kevin says

    Good idea. Where are they sold?

  • Sarah says

    Ooh, awesome. 🙂

  • yes please… aisle one is wonderful

  • Matt Noble says

    Not gonna say no 🙂

  • I’m all about the Utility Notebooks!

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Cal says

    Prizes! Awesome!

  • Antonio says

    Man I wish I got this response with all my posts!

  • D. Huber says

    I’m certainly curious to check the quality of the paper.

  • Kara says

    They are such a good idea, I’d love one!

  • Jason says

    I’ve heard rave reviews.

  • Hello World

  • forwart says

    Those look fantastic.

  • adamGF says

    i could wax lyrical about the greatness of these notebooks….

    but unfortunately… i have work to do…
    i do LOVE them though

  • Ross McFarlane says

    Count me in.

  • jenn says

    grids = goodness.

  • Richard says

    Love these, love AisleOne!

  • I want one!

  • Yay! Cool!

  • Chloe says

    Yes, please!

  • Vanessa says

    maths is my forte, i based my whole identity around it!
    bring me grids

  • Malcolm Wee says

    I would definitly love this. Im from Singapore and have been following your site for ages.. GREAT STUFF!

  • Well, I’m already an RSS subscriber, but a nice comment wouldn’t hurt.

    Thanks for your blog!!!

  • Daniel says

    Mmm, griddy …

    Have you ever had this many comments before?

  • Antonio says

    Daniel, never received this many comments before.

  • …Nice initiative…
    I know…I’m highly interested as well 🙂

  • The bigger lines are well thought.
    I don’t want one though.

  • Magnus says

    Great notepad! Really practical with the grid+lines, especially when sketching on new typefaces!

  • Steven Neamonitakis says

    These look lovely!

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

  • van says

    who doesn’t love free stuff!

  • These look pretty sweet; and as van said, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

  • Oh, and I found this post via RSS, I’ve been subscribed since the second week of the site. Long time reader, first time commenter.

  • Emily says

    Woot! Notebook addict…

  • G. Sea says

    Always interested in some fabulous notebooks. 🙂

  • add this to my note.

  • Me! Me! Me!

  • Lindsay OConnell says

    Pick me pick me *jumps up and down*

    Also, my security word was “kerning” but I think someone actually needs to go in there and fix the kerning – it was a little off.

  • Antonio says

    Thanks for being such a dedicated follower! It’s very much appreciated.

    Unfortunately I have no control over the kerning in the CAPTHCA words.

  • bram says

    nice book. nice website. keep it up!

  • 122th commenter!
    Joking aside, I love your design mate. Good stuff.

  • Hao Chen says

    I have heard a lot about this brand. Like its paper template (free download at its website) very much.

  • lenna says

    grids are good for the soul,
    saddle stitching is good for the body.

  • Nicole says

    ooo i’d love to win!! pick me!

  • Michael says

    Well, since I’m already subscribed to the RSS and the emails, the pretty much only way of winning is posting here!

    Good luck!

  • fernando says

    #127. woohoo!

  • Doane paper is great

  • Those notebooks are sweet! Please count me in. (I subscribe via Bloglines.)

  • Jarek says

    Yes. Yes. Thank you very much.


  • Philip says

    I just love them <3

  • molly says

    oo, have been using grid paper for a while now, but these would be great!

  • Josh says

    I want a notebook!!!

  • Bo says

    i am college student = poor.

  • Brandon says

    grid+lines notebook…
    must have…

  • Gorgeous! gimme!

  • torka says

    please! I want one of these! =)

  • jose says

    my anti-spam word was kerning.

  • Callie Hilpert says

    I wanna win.

  • I love Aisleone and I love this contest! I wanna win 😛

  • Ambrrr says

    I’ve been interested in Doane paper, I’d love to win & give it a try!

  • Mawty says

    Nice. Love the Grid paper. Gimme Gimme.

  • amazing product!

  • Jordy says

    I want one, too.

  • Henrik Heigl says

    Hy, great thing!
    Here in germany we have not such stuff (not that I know)
    So, I hope to win and can write something about that! Would be great.

  • ademack says

    Not, not them. Me.

    Thanks v. much.

  • i have a thing for notebooks, got like 2 or 3 of them in use at any time, and starting a small collection. would be nice to see these slinky doane notebooks on my desk :]

  • I don’t quite understand how you can track the subscriber of your RSS feed – if you do have a way, do let me know… 🙂

  • Simon says

    I would love this much.

  • Ismo says

    Giveaways work surprisingly well.

  • Nice site!!! I was already subscribing to update e-mails anyway… no harm to comment and give another try to win this useful price.
    Congrats for your work.

  • Ian Noble says

    nice – choose me

  • Melissa Payne says

    hope i’m not too late!!

  • Douglas says

    Lovely book. I dig grids and lines.

  • giglio says

    nicely done! wait…help! my whole body is turning into a grid!!!

  • Christopher says

    General Comment
    Laptop Fanatic