I usually try not to write about work that’s already been posted on other design blogs, but every now and then I there’s a gem that has to be written about.

Like this gorgeous promotional postcard designed by Rich Lyons and Toby Evans of the UK. Substance/08 is a showcase website for a select group of final year students at the University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham, Surrey. Printed using 2-colour litho (black and fluoro green) on GFSmith 350gsm Pistachio Colorplan.        

4 thoughts on “Substance/08

  1. Well Brian, you’re half right — the name was indeed inspired by Substance, though it was more of a Joy Division influence at the time we came up with the identity. We felt it was a more than suitable name for the project — ‘Substance’ referring to the wide range of graphic styles on show, and ‘Stance’ referring to the next step in our lives, becoming completely independent, standing on our own. Sounds cheesy but that’s the concept!

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