Burt Bacharach Vinyl Record Cover


This weekend I was in Virgin and I picked up this Burt Bacharach record. Not because I’m a fan of his music but because I love the slip cover design. So simple but beautiful. Great example of the International Typographic Style. I have to do some investigating and find out who designed this.

Extra credit points for anyone who can name that typeface.

You can check out more photos of this lovely cover on my Flickr page.        

12 thoughts on “Burt Bacharach Vinyl Record Cover

  1. Sal yes it is. One of the main characteristics of the style is the use of a san-serif, which most of time ends up being Helvetica, but it can be any san-serif typeface. But it’s not a strict rule. I’ve seen designs using serifs that I would consider to be in the International Typographic Style. It’s really a combination of factors that define that style.

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