Massimo Vignelli Updates His NYC Subway Design


Massimo Vignelli has updated his classic and beautiful 1972 NYC Subway Map design for 2008. I own an original and personally I think the original design is much better. The colors were a lot more interesting. This version seems to have the more boring colors we see today.

Vignelli is selling the 2008 version through Men’s Vogue as a limited edition of 500, all signed by Massimo for $299. The size is 36″ x 45″ and printed on 80# Mohawk Superfine, Ultrawhite Eggshell.

Proceeds will benefit Green Worker Cooperatives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating worker-owned and environmentally sound cooperatives in the South Bronx.        

3 Comments on "Massimo Vignelli Updates His NYC Subway Design"

  • Luca says

    that’s an exact copy of switzerland Bus map..and we have it 2 years ago or more …

  • Antonio says

    Luca, the original design of this map was created in the early 70’s.

  • Luca says

    so good job ;p , i like the other art in this site