Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

I found the link to the Function/Form site in one of the comments below and I love these posters they’ve made.


9 Comments on "Form Follows Function"

  • arcd says

    Thanks for the posting, much appreciated.

  • michael says

    ah, nice. the akzidenz poster is great!

  • Antonio says

    ARCD, no problem man. Are these posters for sale?

  • arcd says

    Have thought about it, but still in the middle of getting my business of the ground so haven’t run any additions yet – If people are interested I’m willing.

    I have a few more in the pipe line 😉

    The site you checked out was a bit of a holding solution using indexhibit, while I finish off the Function/Form studio site.

  • Great Poster

  • johno says

    The Akzidenz poster is magnificent.
    ps: u might want to add a noborder to your smilies 🙂

    Keep these great posts coming!

  • Antonio says

    I have to look into that. The problem is the CSS I wrote puts a border around any image in this column. I have to see if I can isolate the smilies, or vice-versa.

  • arcd says

    Thanks for all the feedback – as said above there is a series being developed by the studio at the moment so will let you know when there is more to see.

    And with the request about them being for sale – the intention was to gauge interest and go from there, we have a couple of printers lined up for doing some good screen print work, so will keep you posted.

  • Antonio says

    Shoot me an email when you have more info and also if you know of a good screen printer let me know!