1976 Montréal Olympics Test Event Posters

Montréal Olympics Test Event Posters

Montréal Olympics Test Event Posters

Montreal Olympics Test Event Posters

Before the Olympics Games begin, the organizing committee has test events to prepare and rehearse things like transportation, guest services, results/scoring, etc. The design teams also test things like printing and installations, so they create an identity different from what they created for the real games. These are some of the posters created for these “test event” for the 1976 Montréal games. I’ve never seen these before. What a gem.

ViaThe Canadian Design Resource

Network Osaka – Stanford University Poster


I’ve been a fan of Network Osaka’s work for a while now, and this A1 silk screen poster for Stanford University floored me when I saw it. I love the choice of colors and the overprint look, as well as the use of photography to really bring the entire piece together. This design feels fresh but also seems like it could be a poster right out of the 60s. It must be a beauty in person.

Definitely check out Network Osaka’s full portfolio. A lot of excellent design in there.

Pre-Postmodern Swiss Posters Exhibit


Designer Morgan Smail sent me an email about an exhibit called Pre-Postmodern Swiss Posters that was held at San Jose State University from November 17-December 18, 2009. The posters are from the private collection of designer Aaron Marcus and feature some real gems. Morgan was kind enough to snap some photos of this wonderful exhibit, which I’ve uploaded to my Flickr page.

While doing some research for the exhibit I found this blog post by Aaron Marcus that goes into the history of how he assembled this wonderful poster collection. There’s also a PDF of Aaron’s presentation at the exhibit opening.

The students that attend San Jose State are sure fortunate! This was the same school that held the Spiele: Otl Aicher’s Olympic Graphic Design exhibit two years ago.        

Carl B. Graf


Carl Bernhard Graf (1926-1968) was a Zürich based graphic designer that not many people know about. But the work that he left behind is just as good as the well-known designers of his time.

There isn’t much information on Graf (hence the terrible quality of the photo above) but Jonathan Turner has put together a Flickr set comprised of his work. You can also see more of Graf’s work in the classic design books “Graphic Design in Swiss Industry” and “Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry“.

If you have any extra cash laying around, you can pick up an original Graf poster for $350.        

Michael Kosmicki


Michael Kosmicki is a graphic design student at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, and his work simply blows me away. I’m amazed at how refined it is, but what I love the most is Michael’s classic sense of style. A lot of his pieces feel like they’re right out of the golden age of Swiss design. Perfect in every way. If we did any print work here, I’d hire this kid in a second.