Carl B. Graf


Carl Bernhard Graf (1926-1968) was a Zürich based graphic designer that not many people know about. But the work that he left behind is just as good as the well-known designers of his time.

There isn’t much information on Graf (hence the terrible quality of the photo above) but Jonathan Turner has put together a Flickr set comprised of his work. You can also see more of Graf’s work in the classic design books “Graphic Design in Swiss Industry” and “Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry“.

If you have any extra cash laying around, you can pick up an original Graf poster for $350.        

3 thoughts on “Carl B. Graf

  1. Hi Antonio, glad you like the Graf set. He really was a great designer and although admired by his peers at the time I really think that his work has slipped into obscurity over the years. Something which I had hoped to address in some way through the Flickr set, thanks for featuring it here.

    Sorry everyone for the quality of some of the photos, it is a combination of trying to photograph small images of the work reproduced in books, with not the the best lighting and a camera past its best. The photos don’t do justice to the work.

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