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Hex Mugs


I’m loving these stylish mugs by Vitamin featuring assorted hex patterns. Might have to pick up a set.        

Pantone Espresso Cups


Since I’m a full blooded Italiano, I drink espresso like there was no tomorrow. I love it in the morning, I love it in the afternoon and I love it after dinner. My wedding favor was a nice espresso machine I imported from Italy with a bag of ground espresso. I love it ok!?

So imagine how excited I was when I saw this awesome set of Pantone espresso cups. Then imagine how pissed I was when I found out that they’re only available in the UK. W2 Products doesn’t ship outside the EU and I can’t seem to find anyone in the US that carried them. F-ing great!        

Pantone Java


Ever wish there were a way to mix just the right amount of milk in your coffee or tea each time you brew a cup? I know I do! The clever bastards at Suck UK have created MyCuppa, mugs with Pantone-like swatches on the instead to use a a guide when mixing in milk. Too bad they are all sold out cause I freakin’ want one!