As you may already know, photography is something that I have a passion for. I just don’t do enough of it, so I went ahead and created a blog called Millimetr where I’ll be posting my photos. It should be a nice motivator and hopefully it will get me to take more photos. Most of what will be featured will be taken with an iPhone 4S using a wonderful app called Mattebox. I’ll also feature photos taken with my Canon T2i, but I expect a majority of the photos to come from my iPhone since it’s always with me. There is a known quote, not sure who said it, that I believe to be true:

“The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

People stress about which camera to buy, but at the end of the day it’s about taking pictures. I’m hoping this works out to be true for me.

I’ve also whipped up a logo for the blog using the typeface Proxima Nova Extra Condensed by Mark Simonson.


8 thoughts on “Millimetr

  1. The logo and the photography are both really nice. I’ve been looking at different camera apps and this one looks pretty slick. I must say, I enjoy the photography on your site so, I’m looking forward to this blog.


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