New Deal Typeface by Neville Brody


Neville Brody and his team at Research Studios have designed a new typeface named “New Deal” for the upcoming Michael Mann film “Public Enemies”, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

The typeface is inspired by the 1930’s era typography but with a modern edge and is being used for the one-sheet and film trailer.

It has a very nice industrial feel to it, almost along the lines of Soviet style typography.        

24 thoughts on “New Deal Typeface by Neville Brody

  1. That’s gorgeous and definitely has an almost Soviet feel to it. I like that the compressed-light version is only a subtle shift from the normal weight.

  2. Seriously 🙂 well done.

    This kind of typeface would site well for a militaristic themed poster or advertisement campaign. I can see the Soviet Styled typography but I like that its rounded just a bit, it gives a more modern fancy vodka look and feel to it. It would also have the strength to be a good subhead for a magazine. Well done Neville.

  3. It’s interesting how much this looks like Chank’s “Liquorstore” face from several years ago. Definitely some differences in there, but I have to give Chank props for doing it first.

  4. this is just bulshit.
    Great crap…

    It’s time to say… mister neville, go and learn design typefaces… thanks!!!

  5. As a headline typeface, I think New Deal really conveys that Soviet feel, very industrial, a lot more aggressive and raw than DIN. Very nice typeface.. but not revolutionary..

  6. I thought it looked quite dated initially. It almost reminded me of something Mr.N would have done at the Face Mag back in the early 80’s.

    mmm…I quite like it actually for it’s retro feel.

  7. Wow. Sexy typeface. The film looks promising as well. Michael Mann doing what he does best: Crime Films.


    Antonio, it’s spelled Michael, not Micheal.

  8. Thanks for the mainly positive feedback.
    Rui, all be it inadvertently, has a point. We actually had to design the typeface badly. To put it into context we researched the graphic design of the New Deal era of the 1930’s, where most designs were produced Works Progress Administration, by people who were not professionally trained, thus a lot of the typographic work was badly done, we had to feature this into the typeface we created so it would be authentic. So Rui, in a way, you are correct!
    The wolfsonian in florida has a vast archive of New Deal graphic which helped us with our references.


    New Deal

    Works Progress Administration

  9. It reminds me of my art school dayz extensive manual typeface drawing exercises when we use to draw on graph papers. Pretty strong and surely have that Soviet feel.

  10. Great typeface, shame about the movie — shame, indeed, for every Mann film post-‘Ali’.

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