Enotmik Font Now Available


Almost a year in the mak­ing, Enot­mik is now avail­able as a two weight dis­play font. Designed on a grid, Enot­mik is made up of 90º and 45º angles and pays homage to leg­endary type­faces Hel­vetica and Avant Garde. Down­load the Enot­mik spec­i­men (PDF) to view the full glyph set.

I want like to thank every­one that has given me input on the design and helped me make it a bet­ter typeface.

Weights: Light, Bold.
For­mat: Open­Type PS (.otf)


15 Comments on "Enotmik Font Now Available"

  • Jay says

    Uh — I like it, but how does it pay homage to Hel­vetica and Avant Garde?

  • Antonio says

    Jay, thanks. Hel­vetica and Avant Garde inspired me a lot when I was design­ing this face. For exam­ple the K was inspired by the K in Hel­vetica and the slanted A and V were inspired by the Alter­nates ver­sion of Avant Garde.

  • reality says

    I’m sorry Anto­nio but c’mon, it’s one ugly type­face. bold weight is even ugli­est! and 1 year to make this thing?

    every­body! be real and say the truth!

  • Jim says

    I like it alot, espe­cially the bold with the filled in counters.

  • reality says

    I’m happy for you Jim. I’m sure you’ll use it for your next project!
    I really want to see it!

  • Jim says

    ok give me you’re email address and i’ll send it to you

  • Antonio says

    Mr. real­ity, the face didn’t take 1 year to make cause it was com­pli­cated but because I pro­cras­ti­nated. I worked on it on and off for almost a year. And if you don’t like the font then don’t buy it. Sim­ple as that.

  • Julia says

    the ger­man girl loves it!

  • Tran says

    I like it, pretty tech the font. just bought it yes­ter­day. carry on!, i like your site really much

  • Antonio says

    Tran, thanks for your pur­chase! Enjoy it man and if you use it for a project I’d love to see it!

  • Natan says

    I love it, and would be more than will­ing to buy it if it would sup­port glyphs for CE languages.

    Please let me know if you con­sider to upgrade the ver­sion of the typeface.

  • Antonio says

    Natan, I do plan on upgrad­ing the ver­sion. I’m even explor­ing a low­er­case set.

  • Not to wake up an old thread from it’s slum­ber but I quite like the bold ver­sion of the font too and would def­i­nitely use it for T-shirt. I don’t like the Light as much but each to their own ey?

    Great work. I just made a poster on pro­cras­ti­na­tion, I know the feeling.

  • Nic says

    Nice, Too bad im poor. So ill just steal it =] sorry bro.

  • perry Roberts says

    I would like to buy this font. When I am re directed to the aisle one site I can’t get any fur­ther. Is it still avail­able ? I see the last com­ment is 2010.