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Obama Print

Beautiful print by Scott Hansen.

Anyone watch that historic speech last night?        

A_B_ Peace & Terror Poster Version 2


Peter wrote in to let me know that there is a new version of his brilliant A_B_ poster available for purchase. It’s a limited edition of 50 posters printed by K2 London. Dual-sided silk-screen print on GFSmith Plasma Polycoat Glass Clear, 350 micron plastic. Sounds yummy.

On a side note, Peter has re-branded himself under the name The Luxury of Protest.        

Update: Toko


Fresh new work by one of my favorite studios.        



If you’re in London in the next week or so be sure to catch the Retrospective—One exhibit at Kemistry Gallery. I’d love to see what Experimental Jetset created. I wish they had an inline gallery.

Kemistry Gallery has asked eleven previous exhibitors to create pieces to celebrate four years exhibiting outstanding graphic design and illustration. With a lineup that speaks for itself, Retrospective—One is bringing together Experimental Jetset, Eine, James Joyce, Parra and Geoff McFetridge among others in a line up of graphic design all-stars. Pieces include hand-drawn typography, one-off collages, lightboxes, print editions, and objects showcasing the breadth of graphic design both as a communication form and as a aesthetic skill.        

History Of Graphic Design


I found this little site on the history of graphic design. Pretty good read. It’s unfortunate that the design of the site isn’t all that great.