10 thoughts on “Matilda Saxow

  1. The site was quite disappointing. She could have at least made the page look more inviting. After all she is a designer right? The work is nice though

  2. what’s up with designers having such bad websites (if holding a pdf is called a site).Mmm, not very courteous. Her two examples here are excellent. But I def. skip the PDF portfolios.

  3. I’m not sure what the deal is with PDF portfolio’s. I see it all the time and it’s rather annoying. There is no reason why any designer should have a PDF portfolio instead of an actual portfolio site. Especially with Indexhibit around.

  4. Hi
    I was just reading this post, my opinion is that its always about the work, and her work is amazing.

    Id rather see work like this, laid out in a PDF than some of the stuff I see floating around the web that is poorly designed and crudely laid out. Its just my personal opinion though.

  5. Daniel, you do make a good point. In the end it’s all about the work but isn’t the designers website an extension of his or hers work?

  6. the comment about having a portfolio has more than one approach:
    ONE: presentation TWO:content.
    She has been showcased here for her superb work (content), but the format of her work is what is being discussed as an issue for some.

  7. I think a PDF portfolio is as good as a website. At least it’s functional. Better than an ultra self-indulgent, annoying flash site with too many bells and whistles.

    Her type work is beautifully crafted. If I had any criticism then it would be that her portfolio is a little limited. Would be nice to see how she creatively deals with work where you can’t pick the typeface yourself.

  8. James I agree about the Flash sites. I used to do Flash development at work but I’ve personally reached the point where I can’t stand it any longer. Too many designers try to do too much with. It’s become a barrier between the user and the work.

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