Rare Design Books


Recently my obsession with collecting rare design books has reached an all-time high. In the last month I’ve added 14 books to my collection. Some hard to find, some not, some expensive, some cheap, but all amazing. I’ve photographed them for your viewing pleasure.


1999 – 20Th-Century Type Remix – Lewis Blackwell

1974 – Basic Typography – Ruedi Ruegg, Godi Frolich

1989 – Basic Typography: Design With Letters – Ruedi Ruegg

1984 – Corporate Design International – Wolfgang Schmittel

1986 – Experiment Design – Igildo G. Biesele

1977 – Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice – Armin Hofmann

1980 – Moderne Werbe Und Gebrauchs Grafik – Hans Neuburg

1964 – Official Graphic Art in Switzerland – Walter Bangerter, Albert Moneda

1986 – Posters by the Members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale 1960 – 1985 – Rudolph de Harak

1978 – Process Visual – Wolfgang Schmittel

1993 – Symbol Signs: The Complete Study of Passenger/Pedestrian-Oriented Symbols Developed by The American Institute of Graphic Arts for the U.S. Department of Transportation

1974 – Symbol Signs: The Development of Passenger/Pedestrian Oriented Symbols for Use in Transportation-Related Facilities

1973 – Trademarks and Symbols: Alphabets, Volume 1 – Yasaburo Kuwayama

1973 – Trademarks and Symbols: Symbolical Design, Volume 2 – Yasaburo Kuwayama        

6 Comments on "Rare Design Books"

  • Joey says

    You have no idea how jealous I am. Once I have some extra money lying around I’ll have to get some of these. Do you have a favorite?

  • Antonio says

    Joey, my favorite is Basic Typography by Ruedi Ruegg and Godi Frolich. It is full of amazing designs and a bunch of great info.

  • David says

    Fantastic selection of books. I’d kill just to own one of those! Are they expensive?

  • Antonio says

    David, they were all under $100. I have real expensive books on my list but I’m leaving those for another time.

  • David says

    That’s not too bad considering the condition and age of the books, although its still a little bit expensive. But I guess you’re paying for the quality, and in the end that’s what you get. Its amazing how you can create a book cover with only a few lines of text set in Helvetica. It shows how powerful and special that typeface really is.

  • Marilyn says

    Just snatched Basic Typography – Ruedi Rüegg/Godi Fröhlich for $75.