[Sponsor] Webydo

Webydo is one of the premiere platforms providing professional designers with the creative freedom to create, publish and manage websites for their clients with pixel-perfect accuracy and completely code-free.

The intuitive interface allows designers to drag-and-drop all the creative elements onto any area of the screen, plus widgets which can add advanced functionality like e-commerce. Webydo offers the option to create websites completely from a blank canvas to let the design run wild, or take inspiration from one of the readymade designs. Everything is completely customizable to aid in the design process. Built-in features like Full White Label, a client billing feature, and a dashboard add to an easy and professional toolkit.

To learn more about how to join the Webydo’s community of designers, and to start creating your website today, click here and enjoy the creative freedom.

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RSS Feed Change

Quick update. I moved the RSS Feed to a different service, so if you’re subscribed to the old feed (feeds.feedblitz.com/feedburner/aisleone) please unsubscribe from it and subscribe to: aisleone.net/feed. If you’re already subscribed to aisleone.net/feed, then you don’t need to do anything. Carry on.

New RSS Feed URL and Email Newsletter

I’ve finally migrated this site’s RSS feed and Email Newsletter off of the dying Feedburner.

If you’re subscribed to the old Feedburner URL, then please delete it and subscribe to the new feed URL. If you’re already subscribed to the new feed URL (http://www.aisleone.net/feed/), then you don’t need to do anything. You’re golden.

I’ve also moved the newsletter to MailChimp. I’ve migrated the subscription list, so everyone who is already subscribed to the newsletter should be fine.

Guest Editor at Coudal

I’ve been invited by the awesome folks at Coudal to be a guest editor for the month of November. I’ve been a fan of their site for a long time now, so this is a great honor.

I’ll be posting about anything and everything to the Fresh Signals area of the site and if you’re not already subscribed to the feed, you should give it a try. Well worth it.