Braun TG 60

Braun TG 60

Not much to say about the TG 60, it speaks for itself. I wish more brands would go back to a more minimal, beautiful design aesthetic like this. Apple and Nest are starting that movement, but most companies still have a long way to go. I recently had an ADT security system installed in my home, and the components are hard to look at, especially the huge keypad next to my door. It’s a shame that most companies don’t value good design.

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3 Comments on "Braun TG 60"

  • john says

    you should also check the designs of NAD

    their hifi equipment have that minimalistic feel about them as did a few others, just think they pulled it off better than most.

  • DM says

    This is a beautiful design. Simplistic designs are so much more classic and their beauty lasts a lifetime.

  • One of NAD’s most significant designers was Reinhold Weiss. He was a student at the Ulm HfG, and worked at Braun for most of the 1960’s. I think he left in ’68/ ’69. No coincidence that NAD should come to mind…