Trioh! Flashlight

Trioh Flashlight

The Trioh! is a flashlight designed by Greg Hinzmann that rethinks the way flashlights look and function. Making a Trioh! more aesthetically pleasing means that it will be displayed, and in turn, more accessable. It also functions as a soft light source when docked in the charger.

I personally love when boring products are re-designed to look beautiful and be more functional.

The Trioh! is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

3 thoughts on “Trioh! Flashlight

  1. This is absolutely pleasing to the eye. This is a perfect example of ” good design” . The fact that it has its own dock for charging (excellent), and as well the fact that it is visually pleasing to leave on your nightstand for better accessibility. If you own this you should have no excuse to have to light candles and stumble around for a flashlight when your power goes out.

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