Process Journal: Edition Seven

Process journal edition 7

Edition 7 of Process Journal is out and features several contributors who have stretched the boundaries of ‘graphic design’, including motion graphics project More4 by ManvsMachine, interior and architectural-based design studio Projects of Imagination and letterpress enthusiasts The Hungry Workshop. And we have another rock-solid compilation of contributors, including identity projects from This is Real Art, Lundgren+Lindqvist, Six and Studio Dumbar. We’ve also revisited previous contributors, including Heydays (Edition One) and MadeThought (Edition Three). And of course I can’t talk about Edition Seven without mentioning our typographic feature on one of my favourite typefaces, Aperçu by Colophon.

Edition Seven contributors include: Heydays, Lars Müller Publishers, Studio Dumbar, Projects of Imagination, Lundgren+Lindqvist, Colophon, Six, The Hungry Workshop, ManvsMachine, This is Real Art, Semi-Permanent, MadeThought and with a conversation between Rob Duncan and Clinton Duncan.

This looks to be a great edition. You can grab a copy on their shop.