Neue Haas Grotesk

Neue Haas Grotesk

Font Bureau has created this wonderful mini-site all about the excellent typeface Neue Haas Grotesk. It explains the history of the face, along with a nice section on its features and what makes it different from Helvetica. An instant valuable resource.

4 Comments on "Neue Haas Grotesk"

  • mary says

    this is great. after you see the redesigned italics, the helvetica neue italic looks like shit haha. i particularly have always prefered my grotesks with the straight-legged R. this is definitely a must have for anyone who’d like to invest in some quality type. neue haas only loses to akzidenz-grotesk because of ag’s minuscle “a”, capital Q and the number “2”.

  • Erika says

    And, its only $600.

  • Jonathan says
  • $600? Good grief.