Ducats Milk Packaging

Ducats Milk Packaging

I agree with Shelby, I’d pay good money to get my hands on these Ducats milk cartons designed by Heinz Grunwald in the 80s. They’re beautiful and functional. These are also a reminder of how bad design can get nowadays. It’s our responsibility as designers to push graphic design back to this type of thinking. Simple, smart, beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Ducats Milk Packaging

  1. Very few people today understand the real meaning of design and sometimes is very hard to do things as they should be – the clients just dont appreciate it.

  2. I love the look of these, but do wonder if or what the type patters mean. Three of the above are for Dairy Fresh Milk, but all look different to each other. The fourth is for Strawberry Flavoured Milk, but nothing seems to make it obviously Strawberry.

    Be nice to think it’s a system and not just aesthetic treatment?

  3. It’d be really great to have such design gems in my fridge.
    They really stand out and I’d even dare to say it seems like they come from an utopian western civilisation better than the real one…
    Having expressed my admiration, I would have chosen a less clinical type face, a bit creamier one (but not overly creamy!) .

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