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The uber-talented Mark Bloom of Mash Creative just wrote in about these gorgeous ‘Really Useful’ posters they’ve created, extending the philosophy and thinking behind their State of the Obvious brand. The series consists of four themed posters: Greenwhich Mean Time, Emoticons, Print Sizes and Metric Conversion information and are available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes exclusively from Print Process.

Some people will find these designs to be boring, but I personally find them to be visually stimulating. The obvious grid, simple but rich color palette and staggered typography create interesting designs that are reminiscent of the classic International Typographic Style from the 50s and 60s. This is the kind of stuff that gets my creative juices flowing.

7 thoughts on “Really Useful Posters

  1. I love them! I already tried to purchase one, but there seams to be a problem with the Print Process site, or the merchant shipping address 🙁 …. Either way they are fantastic pieces!

  2. @ Kevin – thanks, glad you like them and hopefully you have managed to sort out the ordering problem.

    @ Stephanie & @Kai – The font used is actually a modified version of AG Schoolbook Alternate, the weight and several characters have been altered but it does look remarkably like Schulbuch which I had never seen before until now – hope that helps.

    Al the best, Mark (Mash Creative)

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