Runda Typeface


Here’s a lovely new sans-serif typeface from ps.type.lab called Runda. It’s available in five weights with matching italics with the full set only costing $199. Not so sure about the lower case “e” but the rest is very elegant.

5 Comments on "Runda Typeface"

  • Neil says

    That “e” appears to have quite a case of overbite.

  • rastead says

    I agree. The lower case e looks like it doesn’t belong to the rest of the family.

  • I kinda like this, it reminds me of Heldustry.

  • AR says

    I like the lower case e. Its whitespace silhouette resembles a measuring tablespoon. It looks like it’s smiling, too.

  • Matthew says

    I don’t mind the ‘e.’ Ever so slightly unique unto itself, but I don’t find it distracting at all. I quite like this face – and want it.