16 thoughts on “iPhone 4

  1. Hypocrite! You had said “Apple would not design anything like this” Now you love it.

    1. Actually, I’m not crazy about the design – it feels odd to me. The amazing part I’m referring to is the technology inside. Don’t jump to conclusions so fast.

  2. I love that this post over ruled your vacation.

    I agree, the design is odd, the way it’s explained makes sense off it, but it kind of looks like a rounded Zune. I also find it strange that the back is glass too. That said, I’ll still be getting mine as soon as possible, that new hardware and software look like they’ll be fun.

  3. It’s amazing that even though gizmodo revealed every new feature that was coming, I was still blown away with apple’s presentation of the product.

  4. I couldn’t be more disappointed – looks like a sony or a nokia, sure the tech spec is inspired but it just lacks that magical aesthetic… Of course I will still be buying one!

  5. i wanted to buy a 3gs, now that they have come up with iphone4, i think i will stick with my nokia 5800, to be frank, even though i am not very happy with my phone, i feel apple has copied nokia 5800..

    my observations –
    1. sim card slids on the side (just like in the 5800)
    2. 2 cameras, front and back (just like in the 5800)
    3. volume keys on the side (just like in the 5800)

    i wish us nokia users could use the amazing apple app store 🙂
    ovi store is way behind compared to the app store.. thats the only reason i want to go in for an iphone..

  6. I for one think it is the most beautiful piece of Mac kit yet. Superb design. They had me right at the metal back, and the button design is sublime. Mine’s on order.

  7. It’s grown on me since the first photos leaked. I have a feeling that holding it in your hand will relieve a lot of doubt, or maybe just make people forget about the bad design. Overall I’m happy and will be pre-ordering.

  8. I’m surprised by all the criticism of this design! I agree with the following article that it’s a great example of retro inspiration:


    As for how it compares to the previous generation, I always thought that curved back was strange anyway. Not to mention this one will finally be less scratch-prone.

    And on the contrary to some opinions, I think this design (especially the white version) is the most true to the “classic Mac look” than any iPhone yet. To each his own, but I think it’s a winner.

  9. I think what puts me off is the ridge around the sides, with all current Apple products they seem to be finishing with this lovely flush look, which is something they haven’t done here, almost like there has been a backwards step?

  10. I’m sticking to my 3GS, i love the way the 3GS looks, with the new OS4 it’ll be perfect. I’ve never been so disappointed in the way a Mac product looks until now.

  11. But it was failed. Looking good, the antennae was a big mistakes. So it’s not a good product anymore as the form doesn’t follow its function

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