Coast Modern Poster by Build


I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a huge fan of Build’s work. Michael always produces top-notch work in an aesthetic that gets me to drool every time. So you can imagine my delight when I first saw this stunner.

It’s a limited edition poster for the documentary film, Coast Modern. Sized at 33 1/8? x 23 7/16? and printed on 100lb Topkote stock in Pantone 806, which is an eye-popping fluorescent color. The poster will be available soon from the Coast Modern site and only 100 prints will be made. Gotta grab one of these!


7 Comments on "Coast Modern Poster by Build"

  • Kevin says

    What an awesome graphic! This could be a kickass t-shirt as well.

  • emily says

    i didn’t read the title at first and totally did not see the west coast. i saw the white space shape. and thought it beautiful modern art. now that i realize it’s the coastline, i like it even more. thanks for sharing.

  • Spiros says

    I want it. Built is goood.

  • I really want one! Ha ha

  • Naomi says

    Where does one purchase this item…I can’t find it anywhere and I love this!

  • Roger says

    I love this, perfect color, and the layout is spot on.

  • Good news. This poster is now in our shop, come on by and pick one up while they’re still available.