Dan Reisinger


Dan Reisinger is an Israeli graphic designer who’s work includes posters, calendars, logos, corporate and environmental day. He’s probably most known for his work for EL AL Airlines, which includes a beautiful series of destination posters that were designed from 1968-72.

I love his style and his work is probably the only example I’ve ever seen of good design that uses Hebrew letters.

Reisinger also designed this lovely perpetual calendar for MoMA in 1987.        

One thought on “Dan Reisinger

  1. I am currently a student studying Graphic Arts at university and I am doing a bit of research into graphics in Israel. Would be interesting to find out your views on it and any relationships or links it may have with Palestinian graphics, if there are any distinctive features that differ both state’s graphics. Also part of my project is to design a corporate logo or symbol representing a united Israeli and Palestinian state, could you give me any pointers on this? I understand you must be tremendously busy so if you get chance could you respond to this.

    Thank you very much.

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