Shepley Bulfinch Poster by Experimental Jetset


I’ve been meaning to post about this for a month now and finally got around to doing it.

Experimental Jetset recently designed this lovely poster, for architecture firm Shepley Bulfinch, announcing their 2010 fellowship. The design is based on the Roman numerals ‘MMX’ represented with geometric forms that relate back architecture. A brilliant piece.

You can read more about the design process on Shepley Bulfinch’s blog and get a peak at an early sketch EJ did for the poster. It’s always interesting to see how a design evolves from a sketch to the final piece.        

3 thoughts on “Shepley Bulfinch Poster by Experimental Jetset

  1. I love this design, but I’m not clear as to why the two “M”s are structurally different. I can definitely see the first M, but the second looks sort of like an X to me.

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