Research RCA Exhibition Catalogue


Peter of The Luxury of Protest has emailed me about this folded A3 catalogue he and Karin von Ompteda designed for the Royal College of Art. On one side the catalogue highlights seven students representing the seven different schools that comprise Research RCA department.

On the other, the entire student body is visually represent through an information visualization that shows the distribution of all Research students across departments. Each student was recorded with regard to school, department, degree type (MPhil or PhD), project type (Project or Thesis), status (Part or Full-Time), nationality and relationships to collaborators and funding agencies (arched connection lines).

Set in Akkurat and Didot and offset printed in single color (PMS Black) with yellow gold foil stamp on Arjo Wiggins Curious Metallics White Gold 120 gsm paper.

Gorgeous. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Peter.        

5 thoughts on “Research RCA Exhibition Catalogue

  1. Great piece of design indeed! I have to say that it is even more impressive when you see the actual (and really clever) fold.
    In my opinion, this is one of those rare works that are equally efficient folded and unfolded. It just blew my mind!

  2. The way all the elements are connected is great and Akkurat and Didot really work together… Beautiful. I think this is an amazing piece of design.

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