Maths Dreamed Universe


This gorgeous new poster by Peter Crnokrak (The Luxury of Protest) sure doesn’t disappoint. It’s a 720mm X 1020mm dual-sided screen print. One side printed in matte black ink, the other side printed in matte white ink. The poster was printed by K2 Screen London on GFSmith Peregrina Classics Midas dual-sided 120 gsm paper and has this awesome gold sheen when viewed at angle. I have a copy and it’s freakin’ amazing.

Not only is the printing method unique and interesting, but so is the process used to achieve the design. Here’s a description:

“Maths Dreamed Universe” is a quantitative visualisation of the manner within which elemental forms in nature order themselves. The graph was created using generative Python code and maps numbers 0 to 100,001 arranged in a logarithmic spiral. The form of the spiral is determined by the Golden Angle subtension of a circle that distributes numbers from the centre (0) to the outer edge (100,001). The pattern that results is frequently found in nature, as in floral organs, and has been documented since Archimede’s time.

Maths Dreamed Universe is available for purchase at Stereohype.

Here are more detailed photos of the poster.


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