Chocolat Factory Identity System


Here’s an great example of a well designed graphic identity that doesn’t over do it and supports the content. Designed by Ruiz+Company for Spanish chocolate company Chocolat Factory, the identity features a clean sans-serif (which looks like DIN) and a wonderful color palette. Reminds me of the gorgeous identity system for Brooklyn Fare.        

5 Comments on "Chocolat Factory Identity System"

  • I agree, the color palette is very nice. Tasty yet refined!

  • Prkk says

    clean&excellent! (sorry to be the one, but – ‘sans-serif’)

  • Rob says

    Really nice identity. It’d make me want to buy one of each. Well, except for the one called ‘grenade’. I’d be frightened of it blowing up.

  • Reminds me of a whole-sale rip of the impressive chocolate ident by Groove Visions last year here in Japan…

  • Daniel says

    Reminds me a lot of the branding of British Kshocolat