Quatro – A Free Typeface


Mark Caneso, a designer from Southern California, is offering his lovely Quarto typeface free of charge. Head over to his site to grab a copy. I personally love the Q and R. Very nice.        

6 Comments on "Quatro – A Free Typeface"

  • Luke Typewalker says

    Kinda Starwarsy, isn’t it?

  • hd-J says

    Funny Luke, I got the same feeling at first. Maybe because of the large em-square width?

  • Sid says

    I like it a lot. Burly!

  • Very good inspiration type!

  • Dave Wouters says

    Where is it? There doesn’t seem to be a download link on http://www.pprwrkstudio.com/root/-quatro—free/

    Any reason as to why?

  • AMON says

    hi antonio i did visit his website but it says that the font is for sale, am i late
    or what?
    is there any way i could get it.