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I’ve always been a fan on the wonderful Neutrface typeface. It’s simple, clean and classical and the geometry gives it a balanced feel that is pleasing. It’s damn sexy, especially in the light weights.

So when I saw that House Industries released a Slab version, I was all giddy. I’ve recently been obsessed with Slab and Serif faces so this was instance love.

Neutraface Slab comes in five display weights and four text weights, including italics, as well as small caps and seven figure styles. The complete set will cost you $599.00, which isn’t so bad considering the amount of the weights you get. I might have to add this to my collection.        

7 thoughts on “Neutraface Slab

  1. $599.00 Ouch! With the exchange rate as it is that probably works out at £599.00

    I’ll be sticking with the Slab Serifs I’ve already got.

  2. Antonio do you really think $599.00 is a fair price considering once the typeface is made it’s cost (almost) nothing to reproduce the digital file. So after the cost of design time is recouped it’s pretty much all profit…

    I would love to know how foundry’s expect designers (esp freelancers, though I am not one, to be forking out this kind of money (or more see previous!) continually.

    Typeface prices are so ridiculous, so it just forces a lot of people out of the market… I see all these nice faces but there is no way I can justify that kind of expense.

    I think an article on this by someone who has more than my passing knowledge would be very interesting as I think it’s an area that is overlooked/ignored by the design community. I feel really strongly about this especially since it’s designers taking advantage of other designers. I can only assume many will get it from other sources.

  3. Just wanted to point out that it’s $599 for Neutraface Slab, Neutraface No. 2, and Neutraface. Neutraface Slab by itself is $249 for both the Text and Display, $175 for just the Text, and $150 for just the Display weights.

  4. I think slabs are definitely the new black. The newish Unit Slab is also stunning as is Stag, also by Christian Schwartz. I use Meta Serif black a lot. Feels like a slab.

    Antonio, just want to say that I love this website. Thanks for taking the time.

    Have you thought of doing an entry on Websites that are designed in a Swiss style?

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