Tip of the Iceberg Poster


I love this poster done by Double Standards for a photography exhibit. Great use of the photography and the overlaying of the type gives it a nice sense of depth. Definitely check out the rest of their work.        

8 Comments on "Tip of the Iceberg Poster"

  • Harry Mueller says

    Very nice use of typography and the positioning is just right.

  • johno says

    Absolutely gorgeous. Those colours!

  • Gordon says

    Very mysterious ????

  • Rob says

    Hey! Where did they get a photo of my girlfriend from?!

  • This is the third time I’ve looked come across this post in my RSS reader or through other channels. Usually I’d just skip over anything I’ve seen already, but I keep clicking through just to see the full image. I like it more each time.

  • Hard to believe, but it gets even better if you understand German. Left: “New photography from Finland” — Right: “On the Peak of the Iceberg”, and then your eye starts looking for the peak…

  • Ah, crap. Maybe I should have read the title of the post before posting my smart ass comment. Just got too excited. (Please delete)

  • Michael says

    It’s funny – I remember distinctively one of my college professors denouncing the idea of having a photo with copy and ‘calling it a day.’ I knew what he was getting at, but I’ve always loved typography more than complex graphics and knew it could work when executed properly. This is a brilliant poster.