Carlos Tarrats


Carlos Tarrats is an exceptionally talented youngster working at American Apparel in Los Angeles. His work is so refreshing and reminds me of the classic designs from the 60’s. Love it!        

5 Comments on "Carlos Tarrats"

  • Nikolay says

    Very versatile work, I should add to your comment! ;]

  • pat taylor says

    This person is very talented and with high taste!

  • greg says

    He does really nice work, although I think you could have picked a more interesting piece of his for this post.

    • Antonio says

      All his work is great and it was hard to choose. I think the image chosen is definitely interesting.

  • This guy has some really great work.

    I can’t even imagine how awesome it must be being a graphic designer at American Apparel. They’re one of the few companies that actually understands Swiss design—and embraces it, too.