Naturalis x5


I try really hard not to post work that’s been heavily blogged about on other design sites, but sometimes I do make exceptions. This is one of them.

Rich Lyons, AKA Breakmould, is now working at Sea and he contacted me about Naturalis, a sexy new promo that they’ve just finished up for the UK paper company GF Smith.

The 24 page promo is printed on the GF Smith’s Naturalis Smooth Absolute White (330gsm/160gsm) and features Pearlescent foiling on the front and back covers. The launch is to be accompanied by a limited edition of 200 posters, also featuring foiled text.

The fifth in the series of ‘Naturalis’ from GF Smith features compelling photographs by celebrated Art Director Peter Saville and artist Anna Blessmann at the Tulis Russell paper mill in Fife.

Naturalis x5 is launched on November 5th in Manchester. Contact GF Smith for further details.

You can check out more photos of the work at my Flickr page.