10 thoughts on “Change has Come to America

  1. Last night I was watching the polls, until pretty late. It was the first time I ever realized how amazing it is and how blessed we are with the ability to vote. I’m truly proud of where I come from. I hope Barrack lives up to everyone’s expectations.


  2. As an Italian, I’d like to apologise for the words of one of our senator, Maurizio Gasparri, that, after the news that Obama had been officially elected for the US president’s office was released, had nothing better to say that *Al Qaeda is partying right now*. No wonder Gasparri is a fascist; luck is we all know he’s such an asshole…

  3. i agree. i have never uttered the words “proud to be an american” til tuesday night. this is indeed a monumental step forward for america and i really hope that obama lives up to and exceeds our expectations. i’m looking foward to jan 20th.

  4. Judging from my experience of living 8 years under Putin. You know, being proud of your country is ok. Being proud of your president can also be ok. But only as soon as you can feel proud of yourself all the mentioned above has sense.

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