Branding the Museum of Arts and Design


I’m loving the branding work done by Pentagram for the reopening of the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. The use of the MAD acronym is a nice touch which opens up so many possibilities. For the logo they created a new face called MAD that is made up of circles and squares which mimics the museums location.

In the blog entry, Michael Bierut explains their process, which includes some sketches of the logo.        

9 thoughts on “Branding the Museum of Arts and Design

  1. mmm…really like the identity. Once again I think Michael and his crew did an amazing job throughout the entire identity. However, I was a little surprised to find out it was Michael who did this. My Initial response was that I thought it looked akin to some of Non-Format’s concepts with the type face and background images that they do so welI.

    I want one of those t-shirts as well!

  2. I love the different methods that “MAD” rolls out in the web banners. Great identity, though it’s not timeless Pentagram. Nice to see them having some fun with it I guess.

  3. I like it, but is it really unique? It looks like much of the work that has been coming out of Spain for some time, particularly from Lamosca. In fact, their work for the BAM festival (2006) is prescient of what was done by Pentagram.

    But, I like it. The colors are what set it off in my mind.

  4. Check out Emil’s (living in Spain) killer lettering and tell me if he shouldn’t get a cut from the dudes at Pentagram. Some of their interns are clearly cruising the internet for ideas.

  5. It’s the execution that’s the winner. Typefaces similar to that one can be found in many places if you search the Internet.

  6. better to be interesting and relevant at your time than classic, re-branding happens so often being a classic is not required. better than being boring in an attempt to be classic. my favorite “boring” site is CanvasPress . great for images on canvas, not so pretty though.

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