Chocolate Letterpress


Delicious looking letterpress sorts made out of chocolate.


Ministry of Type confirms that the typeface used here is FF Fago Normal.        

8 Comments on "Chocolate Letterpress"

  • Marc says

    delicious looking – but shouldn’t the letters be backwards?

  • Antonio says

    Marc, yes they would be if you were going to use them to print but I imagine these are only for eating.

  • MP says

    I saw this last week. I was emailing them throughout the week to see if there was a shop by where I’m going to be in Germany, but there’s not. They also don’t take Visa. I was bummed out.


  • Kevin says

    ^MP That really is a shame that they’re difficult to get a hold of…
    I got really excited when I saw this and thought about what I could cleverly spell out for my girlfriend who LOVES chocolate AND bought a small letterpress a few months ago. Too bad these little ephemeral chocolates aren’t easier to get a hold of…

  • Antonio says

    Have you guys tried to contact the company to see where you can get them?

  • MP says

    Hey Kevin and Antonio,

    I was emailing them back and forth this week, but they are made to order and don’t sell them in any shops outside their place in Stuttgart. That’s a three hour train ride from where I’ll be next week. Maybe if I have a free day, and cash I’ll take the trip.


  • Wow. I’ve been reading your posts from my reader for a couple of weeks and I come back to this. Super re-design. Really fresh!

    Great post to BTW


  • Very cool approach to using a old technique in a modern (and edible) way. I checked some of the product picts at their site – really great idea to use these as place settings. Thanks for sharing. And yeah, it is a shame that these are a bit difficult to get your hands on. 🙁