Ringling College Admissions Catalog


This is probably the most beautiful college admissions catalogue I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. It was designed by Lucas Human, Phil Clark, and Jenn Levreault during their senior year. The three traveled to Bologna, Italy to oversee the press check at Zincographica. You can request a free copy at www.ringling.edu.        

26 Comments on "Ringling College Admissions Catalog"

  • MP says

    That does look amazing! Sidenote- the “g” descender is getting cutoff by you image padding.


  • MP says

    correction: “your”

  • Antonio says

    MP, it looks fine to me. Which browser are you using and on which platform?

  • MP says

    Crap, so at first I was viewing it in IE, since I’ve gotten to my studio computer and viewed it in Mozilla, it looks perfect. IE is a POS. Sorry, man.


  • Brad says

    This is a great book, definitely the best we’ve had! You have to feature some of the inside spreads.

  • josh says

    Amazing looking book. I enjoyed seeing some of the spreads on the other site for it. I ordered one (i think), can’t wait to see it in person.

  • SG says

    Wow… that thing is amazing! It almost makes me want to go back to undergrad ( ALMOST! )

  • Chris says

    josh, what email adress did you order one from?? I found several on the site. Thanks, Chris

  • James says

    there is a request form on the site so fill your details in there.
    i requested one to the UK so i hope ti gets here ok… pretty nice to be able to get such a nice book for free…

    seems slightly over the top to get it printed in italy when living in florida and then to all travel there to ‘oversee’ the printing!

  • Glenn says

    Would be great to see some inside spreads. Based on the cover it certainly looks like one of the nicest university prospectus I’ve seen in a long time!

    Ordered! Wonder if they’ll send it to bonny Scotland?

  • James says

    you can see loads of spreads from the link!

  • Mick says

    Beautiful book! Am i correct in thinking its the online catalogue request form?

  • josh says

    Chris, I used the form that others mentioned as well. It took e a few clicks here and there for it to pop up.

    I can’t wait to see it in person. Looks better then anything my college produced.

  • d. says

    OMG! It’s always nice to see students work in here. So the book is nice, but the texture is nicer even. Very subtle.

    I got my hands on it as soon as they arrived in the office from Italy. lol. OH! and because it’s a new school year, many books are being sent out to schools, etc. So if you requested it online, be patient.

    Good job Phil.

  • Ordered! Fingers crossed that I get one. Looks beautiful.

    I like the redesign by the way – always takes getting used to new things, but it works for me!

  • christian says

    Man that is so cool! I’m from Bologna!

  • josh says

    didn’t know if anyone would be checking back at this eventually.

    I got my copy of the book in the mail about a week ago. A week or 2 before that i got this little saddle stitched thing from them and figured that would be it. but then this showed up eventually too.

    The USPS treated it like crap though, just like they do with all of my mail, and it was all marked up but luckily i was able to clean it up a bit.

    Looks great in person and make me want to go there… Love the cover/.

  • d. says

    Hey Josh,

    There are two versions (well, if that) of the book, and one includes an awesome silk-screened box the book comes in. That one is usually USPS proof. =p

    I dont know if the office takes requests for that one, but it’s worth trying.


  • Antonio says

    Josh, I’ve received the skinny saddle stitched book a few weeks ago but haven’t received the actual book yet. I’m hoping I still receive it.

  • Hey,
    Recieved the book in the orange printed cardboard box, amazing quality and design. I wanna join the school before opening the book.

    Does anyone know what this type of print (the orange) on cardboard is called – is it just plain silkscreen like someone wrote, or something specific, the texture is SO nice!

  • By the way – white lining on the box, awesome detail!

  • Phil says

    the orange print on the box is a standard silkscreen although there is a surprising nice texture almost like velvet letters.

    Thanks for posting your comments and views.

  • Thanks,
    yeah that’s why i was in doubt, really fantastic texture and detail..

  • Antonio says

    Weird, I still haven’t received it.

  • Phil says

    try to re-request it, there was a small problem with the labeling, the ink was washing away.

  • Antonio says

    I’ve just received my copy. Absolutely gorgeous. Very very well done.