James Windsor


James Windsor is a british designer who has a solid portfolio but it’s his work for artist Chong Bin Park that really caught my eye. The project consists of an invite and catalogue for an exhibit at the Corn Exhange Gallery in Edinburgh. James uses a simple and minimal style along with bible paper to created a piece that is elegant and visually stunning. The International Style in it’s purest form.        

4 Comments on "James Windsor"

  • James Windsor’s work is excellent and works really well with the intentional inside/outside see-through in the catalogue.

  • Hiccup says

    Bit Of A Jonny Trunk rip off.

  • Who’s Jonny Trunk? “Inside Outside” was the name of the exhibition.

  • Brian says

    James – that was a question I didn’t like to ask! Who is Jonny Trunk? We can all ask that now.