Cigarettes With Style


I personally hate cigarettes but I’m in love with this minimalist packaging design for Japanese cigarette company JT Tobacco. Designed by ASYL, the packaging features a gorgeous side slide box. I always love when I see design that challenges the standard.

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6 Comments on "Cigarettes With Style"

  • wow…amazing. I can’t believe a cigarette company would go along with something this beautiful! Great color scheme too!

  • I hate cigarettes as well, but these nearly make you want to smoke! Does make you think about ethical design though! Would you work on this type of packaging? I think I’d have to say yes if the money was right!

  • Antonio says

    James, I lost both of my parents to cancer so I could never take on a project like this.

  • Gre says

    B&H did the slide box thing in britain a while ago. I think cigarrette packets are and always have been sterling bits of packaging design. Those are particularly sexy though, especially with no health warning.

    Wouldn’t work on it myself.

  • Maria says

    Agree, The design makes look this product almost healthy!
    Excellent packaging design.

  • James says

    What’s that face they’re using? looks so familiar.