Metallic Pink & Gloss Black


Sexy business card designed by Graham Jones with type set in Lubalin Graph. I absolutely love the thickness of that charcoal board. I think I might have to use it for my cards.        

11 Comments on "Metallic Pink & Gloss Black"

  • Maria says

    I do love the thickness too, BUT It is such a self indulgent act, in its lack of practically; pure tactility. Not many people will keep the card in their business card, and you might have to have a massive card holder because this guy will use the space of like 10 cards… Still love the thickness.

  • G-MAN says

    There’s actually more then one card there. There are about 8-10. I just lined and stacked them incredibly well and it’s ended up looking like it’s one really thick card!

    G x

  • Maria says

    HA! SO practicality wins once again…

  • Antonio says

    Aww man! I loved that it was thick! Boooo to practicality! 🙂

  • Richard says

    I could possibly spend all day stroking the different textures on those cards! Very nice

  • G-MAN says

    Ha! We could all just pretend that it’s really thick! I won’t tell anyone if you don’t, I’ll just have to glue a few together when I hand them to people.

    G x

  • ed@dupe says

    My mission for next week is to persuade my current client to go for something similar to this


  • Hey, can anyone recommend some good printers that won’t tear my pockets off? I’ve had cards designed, and I want to get them printed on 165LB paper. I’ve never done this before so any recommendations appreciated.

  • Raj says

    I would have cut the letters ‘k’ & ‘g’ from the top 2 or 3 layers and show the letters with the same color on the next layer. It might not look appealing when someone sees that from a distance, but when they see that holding in their hand, then it would look more attractive.

  • nida says

    this is so pretty i want something like this people will actually pick them up as well i know i would

  • Andrina says

    How can I get a sample of this card with our Company colors (Metallic Steel Blue/Gray) and company information?