Till Wiedeck is a third year graphic design student and freelance graphic designer from Muenster. His work has been posted recently on a few design blogs and there’s a reason why. It’s really fucking good.        

2 Comments on "HelloMe"

  • MP says

    Once again, another clean flash based site. It’s funny because it mimics the indexhibit structure being used frequently in other portfolio sites. Seeing this make me want to overhaul my site back to flash…Love it!


  • christian says

    Yesterday I spent a nice part of my saturday afternoon browsing this guy’s portofolio, jeez, he’s so freakin’ good…

    [ @ antonio ] I haven’t forgotten ’bout those Blue Note posters, gonna send over the pdf soon, I’m moving to my new house so I’m a little in a mess right now, sorry for the delay pal!