Graphic Design Museum Gallery


Fellow AisleOne reader Coen Zwaal was kind enough to take some pictures of the new the Graphic Design Museum in the Netherlands. The gallery includes some shots of Crouwel’s work in the museum. Coen was also lucky to meet the legend on the day he visited.        

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  • I’m not going on a holiday this summer – might aswell go to Breda 😀 Why has nobody thought of a museum for this earlier? I believe here in Groningen there’s a graphic design museum – but it only features the technical side.

  • Thomas says

    For the Dutch readers check this report about the Graphic Design Museum on Fontanel:

  • Joram Oudenaarde says

    I’ve been to that museum a month ago… besides the really good designs that are showcased, the museum itself is also a piece of art (from the inside). Definately worth a visit is you’re near 🙂