Blanka Flickr


Blanka has created a Flickr page displaying vintage posters and prints by Wim Crouwel, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Otl Aicher and many other great designers of the past. Absolutely amazing.        

4 Comments on "Blanka Flickr"

  • If only more graphic designers, marketing corporations, general consumers, etc., would take notice of how beautiful and simple (three colors!) work like this is and emulated the same energy, the landscape would be so much less cacophonous these days.

  • Antonio says

    Chris I agree. It seems like so design these days is so convoluted. Keep it simple!

  • Hi guys, I agree too. But tell me, is it me, or this kind of simple, straight forward style is coming back? Every day I see more and more incredible work with so much influence from this style. It just takes me to visit AisleOne every day and there it is, and some other great websites. To me it’s a circle thing and people are starting to get tired of some of the confusion in our days.

  • johno says

    That top cover is gorgeous (“simply” beautiful).