Stapelberg & Fritz


AisleOne reader Simon Zirkunow sent in these photos of some promotional pieces he has that were designed by the talented Stapelberg & Fritz. These are the same guys responsible for the gorgeous AM7 Magazine. I uploaded larger versions on my Flickr page.

Unfortunately there’s nothing on their site but Simon pointed me to an online gallery with some of their earlier work.        

2 thoughts on “Stapelberg & Fritz

  1. Been a fan of these guys for a while. I was gonna write a post about them but they have nothing on the site which is really unfortunate.

  2. hi, I know these guys very well – they have been very busy, creating some Stuff for Audi and some other Companies. they quite treated their website like a stepchild…now, fortunately it is in built…but i don´t know when it´s going online

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