Vintage Coke Packaging


Found these limited edition vintage Coke bottles at my local supermarket and I had to grab a few. Nice classic design and colors.

Why does Coke taste better in a bottle?        

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  • +1 on the packaging, but it’s still HFCS instead of sugar… so meh.

  • Antonio says

    Yeah that’s why I hardly ever drink any soda. I still to water or juices but every now and then it’s nice to have a Coke.

  • Don’t drink Soda’s, but I find this design much more attractive than some of the new labels. It feels much more unique.

    Then again, I guess I’m not used to this look, so it could just be that.

  • johno says

    Definitely worth buying just for the bottle and label. Also an interesting marketing idea—emphasising Coke’s tradition and that it hasn’t really changed that much.

  • josh says

    I saw these the other day at the supermarket as well. I was tempted to grab some but i was in a rush, and had my hands full.

    we have a few antique stores downtown and they have some of the original ones like these, so i was surprised when i saw the news ones.

    Also, in my downtown we have a few walls that still have the original Coca-Cola signs painted on the outside, nothing classier then picking up some of these and enjoying them in front of some history.

  • Antonio says

    Josh, you’ve got to snap some photos of those old signs.

  • josh says

    it’s on my to-do list right after the trees finally turn green and it stops looking so gloomy around here.

    and with the question of why it tastes better in a bottle, since now you’re not tasting metal with it or who knows what chemicals out of plastic. Same reason beer tastes better out of a bottle.

  • Jakob says

    It also tastes better because of an different ammount of carbonic acid in the bottle and because of (i don’t know the english word for it, so i have to describe it) the different in how the “gaz” will show itself in the soda (size and amount of bubbles, resulting from: shape, content, material and surface of the bottle…).
    Therefore it not only tastes different when comparing bottle against can or plastic bottle but also if you compare glassbottle with plastic cap with a glass bottle, that has a cap as shown above.

  • These bottles look very interesting.Glass makes them more eco friendly.I am sure Coke was more flavoured then..

  • joe says

    those bottles are a series of 3 which the first series was out christmas 2007 the hutchinson coke bottle christmas edition which i have 4 six packs of so the third edition will be released in the nexr few months, cool looking bottles.

  • Antonio says

    Joe, do you have any pics of the first edition bottles? I’d love to see them.

  • joe says

    yes i do they came out for christmas 2007 so there is a pic of santa on the carton and it came out as a six pack bottles are straight edge and dont have coke sticker just edge on glass …

  • joe says

    Antonio yes I do have some pics of the Hutchinson