Lets Play Name That Typeface


I saw this typeface today on a huge billboard in Times Square and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of this face. I know I’ve used it before. Anyone know?


7 thoughts on “Lets Play Name That Typeface

  1. That’s it! I knew it! I even have the damn font and I can’t believe I forgot it.

    Thanks guys. It is one sexy face.

  2. Ok you have the answer but have you ever used What the font by http://www.myfonts.com. This is amazing: upload a image with type of on it and bingo, it comes back with the answer you are looking for!

    regards, Chris

  3. Chris that is pretty cool. I tested it and it didn’t seem to find the correct font. It could be cause of the tight letterspacing and leading.

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