Jacqueline S. Casey

Jacqueline Casey

The Rochester Institute of Technology has an excellent collection of posters and record covers designed by Jacqueline S. Casey, who worked as a graphic designer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1963 to 1990. Unfortunately Jacqueline Casey died in 1992 at the age of 65 but she has left and beautiful collection of designs that we can all admire and enjoy.

The work in this collection is absolutely brilliant. I love her simplicity and her play with typography.

A book was also created in 1992 to coincide with this collection called Posters: Jacqueline S. Casey, Thirty Years of Design at MIT. The book is wonderful and features full descriptions and color reproductions of her work. It’s very rare and almost impossible to find, trust me I’m still looking. If you’re lucky to find one be prepared to dropped $250 for it.        

8 thoughts on “Jacqueline S. Casey

  1. I’ve recently stumbled upon her work in the past few months, her posters are breathtaking. A perfect synchronization between simplicity, form and content. I too have been searching for the publication on her work, a rare item!

  2. I got my copy of the book direct from the MIT bookshop.

    Going to be near impossible to find an original poster.

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